“What do you do?” I am asked by a woman at a networking event.

“I am a world-class speaker, bestselling author, and top performance mastery coach!” I boldly and confidently reply. Her eye brows fly high. She looks perplexed. Such arrogance is unnerving. However, I am not concerned with her feelings. I say these words at every opportunity I get. It’s my mantra. I am not saying these words to impress or to brag. I am training my subconscious mind to know who I am, and what I intend.

I train my gut!

I train my heart!

I train every cell of my body!

My mind will have to work for me to serve me in creating my “world-class” identity. 

“So, are you famous?” she may timidly ask.

“Uhmmmm… not yet…” By the look on her face, I conclude that she is confused. Why am I saying that I am world-class if I am not famous?

This is where the interesting discussion takes place. This is why I was asked to write this blog and share with you this super important insight.

“Why aren’t you learning all you can about mediation?” I ask my lawyer-client, who came to me to work on her confidence and empowerment.

“What’s the use,” she says, “I am not doing it right now anyway. When I will do mediations, then I’ll learn all I need for a client.”

“We need to schedule lessons to work on mental preparation for a competition,” I tell a mother of one of my students.

“Yes, we’ll do that when she makes it to Nationals. If she doesn’t make it, it won’t matter anyway, right?”

I hear this all the time. And the sad truth is, this lawyer will not work with clients, and this student will not make it to Nationals. Why? Because we get what we believe in. If I believed that I will for sure work with clients, or make it to Nationals, I wouldn’t mind putting in extra effort, and finding ways of making it happen! But if I have a fear or doubt of failure, I won’t invest my time, energy, or money, so I will look for an excuse not to do it.

Most of the people live in the paradigm “I’ll believe it, when I see it, show me the results, and I will follow!”

They also believe in luck, and in “having a talent” or not. The beliefs we hold determine the life we co-create.

Since the time I began coaching, over 25 years ago, my ambition was to become one of the best coaches in the world. In skating, it meant coaching students to medal performances. Intuitively I knew that not just any kind of coaching will produce the results I was after. After all, there are many, many coaches, and only very few produce stellar results. I needed to learn from people who already knew how to produce these results, and were doing it consistently over and over again. I needed to adopt their techniques, and better those techniques to get to the level I aspired to get to, and I had to believe that when I did this, I would get results!

I remember hours I spent studying Honor Rolls of coaches whose students won at Regional, Sectional, National, and International levels. I would highlight the names of those who had more than three different champion-students. This way, I knew it wasn’t a “super-talented” child who won, but a coach who could unlock the hidden potential within his student, and inspire them to perform at the highest level. If there was such a coach, and he/she was human, then it was possible, and I could do it too!

As time was rolling along, I became obsessed by finding an answer to the question: why some people “make it” and others struggle?

You’ve probably witnessed this yourself, it’s more common for people to struggle than to make it. So what is the difference between the select few who make it, and all the other ones who don’t? Is it luck? Is it just training? I think if it was just training, everyone would train the same and everyone would have the same chance. However, I have seen hard working people not making it at all. They are the ones that look as if life is a treadmill­–you run and run, but don’t seem to be going anywhere.

If you are still reading this blog post, I would assume that you are one of the “special” ones who is willing to break through the comfort zone and achieve meaningful results! Kudos to you!

One day, as I watched a DVD of a nine year old boy skater, who ten years later won the Olympic Gold Medal, I realized that this boy possessed a secret I intuited a long time ago. This boy, Evgeny Plushenko, was an “Olympic Champion” when he was a 9-year old boy! No, he wasn’t an acknowledged champion by any means. He didn’t have the skills or the finesse of an elite athlete. He was just a 9-year old boy skater. However, he was different. There was an inner strength, confidence, knowing, faith, inner peace that was emanating from him, as if he knew something no one else did. Suddenly I knew a huge lie that we all repeat: “So-and-So BECAME an Olympic Champion.” As I watched the video of this young boy, I clearly saw that he already “WAS” an Olympic Champion then, ten years before anyone knew this about him.

In other words, he didn’t BECOME one, but got RECOGNIZED as one!

Everything changed as I allowed this seemingly small shift to take place in my consciousness. “I am a world-class speaker, best-selling author, and top coach!” I know I am. I know, because each day I wake up as one. I go through my day as one. I train as one. One day, someone will see me speak and will be so impressed, he will invite me to present at an event, where someone else will be inspired by my talk, and invite me to another event, where… and so it goes, until one day all of the sudden, I will “become” lucky, and recognized by the world!

I challenge you! What would you do differently today, if you chose to live as a world-class you?

Stand up right now, put your hand on your heart and say:

“I am a world-class __________.”

Feel it!

Do you believe it? If not, why?

What needs to change for you to believe it? 

Remember, it all STARTS with what you believe about yourself.