What would a road trip be without a little silliness? The name of our Adventuremobile was called a Tiger Bengal and my Video Manager and I decided we needed to shoot some B-roll videos from the inside the Tiger. Each week, we created a Tiger Tale video during the evening hours after we had finished cooking dinner and were reflecting on all the inspiring people we had met.

The first video came up spontaneously as we were setting up camp for the first night. We had turned on our iPOD player to listen to some music and Pharrell Williams “Happy” came up. Our Video Manager started to dance, I grabbed the iPAD to video the moment and we got our mascot Checkers involved in the project.

Our Dewshine video came about when we were restocking our groceries from a small market in Montana. I found a display that was advertising Dewshine soda and immediately saw an opportunity for a Tiger Tales commercial. Our Video Manager came up with the script on the way back to camp.

After making our way for several weeks through the Western USA, we decided we needed to video a Top 5 Lessons Learned from the Backroads of America Video Tour. We had a heck of a lot more than 5 Lessons Learned and had to narrow them down a bit!

We took a break from the Adventuremobile when we were in Idaho and stayed at the unusual Roosevelt Inn. After figuring out our travel logistics for the next week, we set up the iPAD and planned our next silly video. I think the Inn owners were a little concerned about what we were up to given all the laughter coming out of our rooms!