We needed a portable “home” for our Backroads of America Tour and we chose an Adventuredmobile called a Tiger Bengal. These rugged RV/Trucks are 4-wheel drive vehicles, use solar power for the lights and heating, and are designed for people looking for a real “off the grid” RV experience.

We certainly got a lot of looks and people wanting to tour our rig since most people have not seen this type of rugged RV. We were certainly glad to have a 4-wheel drive vehicle when it came time to find the Pony Bar in Montana, which was 5 miles down a muddy, unpaved road located only by a mile-marker sign.

We also got to experience the beauty of Monument Valley, UT, because of our off-road capacity. That was one rough trip! Anything that wasn’t tightly stowed away ended up on the floor of the RV due to the rough unpaved roads that go through Monument Valley. It was worth the effort and we shot some amazing video footage.

If you would like to know more about the Tiger Bengal just send us an email at [email protected]