Kathy Karlo is a rock climber from Brooklyn, NY. She began climbing in the Gunks and since her first gear placement and since then she has never looked back. Kathy has only looked to what lies next on the horizon—and she says it’s pretty damn exciting. Her love of rock and ice has been a life changing experience.

Kathy has a blog called the Love of Climbing which goes beyond ticking off climbs to bring the focal point back to the climbing lifestyle (the love of it, the heartbreak, the failures, sends, and everything in between). Kathy believes the life surrounding the outdoor lifestyle resonates with everybody—whether you call home a campsite, your car, or NYC apartment, there are similar questions we are all asking ourselves.

Climbing has brought Kathy closer to more successes and failures than anything else in her life. For Kathy, It’s a life journey that forever tests the limits of possibility.

Watch this beautiful video of Kathy and her crew as they do what they love the most…climb.