One of our favorite memories of the Backroads of America Video Tour was our side-trip to the infamous Pony Bar located in Pony, Montana. I had been reading on the Internet about “must see” places in Montana and besides the usual tourists attractions, I found an article about this out-of-the-way bar located. The person who wrote the article would not give directions to the Pony Bar because he wanted to preserve the privacy of this local hang-out. The Pony Bar has since opened a little website.

Well, off we went in search of the Pony Bar and we managed to find an address to the place but our GPS system could not locate it. The only road that seemed to lead us to this mythical place was a mile marker leading us down a rutted, muddy road. After putting our Tiger Bengal into 4-wheel drive, we churned and flung mud for 5 miles and popped out into the town of Pony. Sure enough, the Pony Bar was real and right in front of us!

When we entered the Pony Bar, the locals on their bar stools wanted to know if we were lost, since they rarely see anybody but the locals in their bar. We met up with Sam Platts who is the lead singer/guitarist for the Kootenai 3 Band. Sam and his band was leaving for China the next day and he offered to sing us a song. Sam shared with us that he would like to become a well-known band but he’s worried about burning out too quick with all the stress of travel.