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Someday Is Now is committed to supporting you in going after your dreams. We provide resources to help you get into action on those dreams and we are constantly updating our resource list. If you have feedback or a suggestion to our Resource Directory, contact us at [email protected]

Travel Resources

So many people dream of a time when they can explore the beauty and wonders of this great earth. They want to dine in Italy, get up close with wild animals in the Serengeti, navigate down a remote river, or be pampered at a tropical island spa. Here are a few resources to help you decide where to go first.



Careers are a major focus of our life and there comes a time when we want to have work we love and a job that brings out the best in our talents and skills. Whether you are looking for a new job or ready to venture our and become an entrepreneur, we have resources to support you.

  • ReAdventured  A unique business that works with entrepreneurs with inspired ideas and helps them build profitable virtual businesses.
  • Sherri Coffelt Sherri has coached hundreds of entrepreneurs and makes sure all her clients achieve their business goals and grow their small businesses.
  • J Cavanaugh Group We’ve personally worked with the owner of this great company and she is one of best career coaches in the business.
  • The Muse An excellent source of information for job searchers and advise on how to improve your current job.
  • Entrepreneur Magazine  A compendium of information on topics such as entrepreneurship, financial planning, goal- setting, and small business development.
  • Glassdoor  A very user-friendly job searching database to search for jobs by category, city, and skills.



The cornerstone of being accomplished in life and achieving your dreams is first having optimal wellness. Practicing physical, emotional, spiritual, and social wellness will keep you engaged in creating a life with purpose and joy. We’ve listed a few of our favorite sources to help you stay on your path of a healthy lifestyle.

  • Thrive After Corporate  A cutting-edge health and wellness virtual business that focuses on restoring the physical, emotional, and spiritual health of corporate employees.
  • MindBodyGreen They bring together leaders in the wellness world, best-selling authors, fitness experts, and pioneering doctors to give you the most in-the-know content and tools to help you live your healthiest, happiest life.
  • MindValley  A learning experience company that publishes online video courses and seminars by the best authors in personal growth, health and fitness, spirituality,and mindfulness
  • HeartMath Produces sensors and technologies that enable people to align and connect their heart, mind, and emotions to produce transformative outcomes while reducing stress and building resilience.
  • ZIVA One of the best and most affordable online program to teach you mediation with a focus on creating optimal performance in life.
  • Eating Well This website is completely dedicated to healthy eating. It has a vast array of recipes and options including kids meals, special occasions, and specialty diet.



Did you know that volunteering can be as beneficial to your health as exercise and eating well? Volunteering alongside people who share your interests creates a path to establishing strong relationships and strengthens your sense of purpose. You’ll get more back than you’ll ever give when you volunteer.

  • International Volunteer HQ Combine travel with community service by working with one of the largest volunteer travel companies. Heightened your cultural understanding while making a difference!
  • Volunteer Match This is a great website to find a cause in your local community to give of your time. The site also provides non-profits avenues to find volunteers to lend them a hand.
  • GVI Change someone’s world and the way you see yours by volunteering on environmental and community development projects from around the world.
  • Non-Profit Locator This website has an excellent database of non-profit organizations in every major city. Find a non-profit in your city would could benefit from your support.
  • Pet Finder Giving of our heart and our time to our furry friends is such a rewarding experience. Use this website to find animal rescues and foster organizations that would appreciate your gift of time and tenderness.


Bucket List

Let’s turn those “someday I will” into your Someday Is Now and take down a few items off the Bucket List! Most of us have plenty of things we want to do in this lifetime. We’ve listed websites to cover some of the most common Bucket List items.

  • Khan Academy Khan Academy is an amazing online learning website that offers practice exercises, instructional videos, and a personalized learning dashboard to learn just about any subject.
  • Scrivener  You know what they say, we all have a great novel in us waiting to be written. Today’s online software makes it super easy to write your memoir, how-to-book, instructional, or movie script.
  • Blogging Basics 101  Becoming a blogger is a great way to express your creative thoughts and with good content, you can actually make money at blogging. This site has all the basics to get you started.
  • You Tube Video & iTune Podcasts Wouldn’t it be fun to play the piano, guitar, or maybe the flute? Playing an instrument is great for increasing memory and helping you to de-stress. View instructional videos and podcasts to get you plucking your first notes.
  • Pimsleur Method  Learning a new language is both stimulating to the mind and really helpful prior to traveling to a country where English is not spoken. This company teaches 50 different languages.
  • Creative Live Learning photography is such a rewarding hobby and becoming a skilled photographer allows you to create beautiful photo memories from all your life experiences.



There are an amazing number of private and public grant opportunities in the USA to help you get started on you non-profit organization, small business, creative endeavor, or educational goals. We provided a few sources to help you start planning.

  • The Cliff Bar Family Foundation The founders of the Cliff Bar provide small grants for general organizational support and priority is given to projects around a healthy earth, food systems, and environment.
  • The National Endowment for the Humanities  The NEH is an independent federal agency and is one of the largest funders of humanities programs in the United States. The NEH grants typically go to cultural institutions, such as museums, libraries, universities, public television, radio stations, and to individual scholars.
  • Grants For Women This organization has been around 16 years and is an online tool for women all around the globe who are looking for grants and scholarships. Their mission is to empower, educate, and enable women to accomplish their goals in the easiest and fastest way possible.
  • Edutopia This is George Lucas’ educational foundation and one of the best sources for finding educational grants. Their mission is to identify and spread innovative and evidence-based approaches to helping K-12 students learn better.
  • FinAid This simple site is chocked full of information about student loans, scholarships, military aid, and various resources for financial aid.


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